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Delta-8 THC has been the newest discovery and all the rave and now it's in a tincture form for your recreational or medicinal needs. 


This full-spectrum (Delta-8 THC) tincture is a specialized formula combined with multiple cannabinoids and specific terpenes to create the most effective potential. With it's quick absorbption rate and the Delta-8 content, you'll be sure to feel some quick relief and maybe a little like your younger years. We have heard nothing but positive feed back thus far and would love for you to try it out! 

Full Spectrum Delta-8 Tincture | 1500mg | The Holistic Co

  • Serving Size: 1ML= 50mg Hemp Derived Delta 8 

    Ingredients: Proprietary Blend of flower derived organic hemp extrace (Delta8 THC) and MCT Oil. Zero Delta-9 THC. 

    Directions: Place under your tongue for a minimum of 30 seconds. 

  • May cause intoxiation in some users, do not operate heavy machinary under the influence of this product.